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GeoXPlanet-0.4.5 Released

Thanks to FraGGod and Markus for bug reports and ideas, and thanks for FraGGod (again) for code contribution.

This release contains FraGGod's reverse DNS lookup code (optimized for speed), additional desktop support on *nix (xfce enters experimental), a more "sane" config location as suggested to rocket357 in an e-mail from Markus, and other ideas and suggestions from Markus and FraGGod.

Posted by rocket357 2008-04-12

GeoXPlanet-0.4.4 Released

With the release of 0.4.4, the GeoXPlanet team is pleased to announce another "branch" of GeoXPlanet. The new branch includes a SQLite database file of the MaxMind GeoLiteCity database. The license for this data can be found here:

The GeoXPlanet team contacted MaxMind to clarify the licensing, and the green light was given to redistribute. The file releases that contain the database file are clearly marked as "GeoXPlanet-(version)-SQLite-Maxmind.(zip|tar.bz2)"... read more

Posted by rocket357 2008-04-05

GeoXPlanet-0.4.3 Released

Minor bugfixes, added support for SQLite and MySQL.

Posted by rocket357 2008-04-03

GeoXPlanet-0.4.2 Released

Bugfix release, thanks to praka123, gary4gar, and NucleusKore for alerting me to these bugs.

Posted by rocket357 2008-04-01

GeoXPlanet-0.4.1 Released

Bugfix release.

Posted by rocket357 2008-03-31

GeoXPlanet-0.4.0 Released

GeoXPlanet-0.4.0 is now available for download. This release contains some big changes:

1) Windows is supported (again)
2) Graphical Configuration Utility
3) Connection tracing is stable now

Posted by rocket357 2008-03-30

GeoXPlanet-0.3.7 released

This update includes experimental traceroute capabilities, minor bugfixes, and the option to hardcode your desktop environment in the conf file.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-30

GeoXPlanet-0.3.6 released

GeoXPlanet 0.3.6 has been released. This release includes general optimizations and minor bugfixes.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-20

GeoXPlanet-0.3.5 released

Version 0.3.5
Fixed a bug in localhost public ip lookup - rocket357
Restructured code for readability - rocket357
Put in print statements during init - rocket357
Coded section to handle launching XPlanet with -num_times 1 - rocket357
Added code to handle setting the background in kde/gnome/fluxbox - rocket357
Removed useless config file options - rocket357
Added check to run XPlanet only if connection list changed - rocket357

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-19

GeoXPlanet-0.3.4 released

Version 0.3.4
Fixed bug that caused GeoXPlanet to hang on non-gnome systems, added statement to inform user that GeoXPlanet is waiting for connections, added check to ensure xplanet isn't running already, added automated lookup for public ip and lat/long

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-18

GeoXPlanet 0.3.3 released

This release is a major leap forward, as xplanet/xearth can now be launched from GeoXPlanet (avoiding all of the confusion in coordinating the two), port number titling is now color coordinated, and marker sizes can be altered via the config file.

Check it out!

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-16

GeoXPlanet 0.3.2 released

This update includes support for arcs, color randomization, and titling the points with the port number or ip address of the connection.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-15

GeoXPlanet 0.3.1 released

This is a minor bugfix release. Thanks to gary4gar for reporting the bug!

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-13

GeoXPlanet 0.3 released

GeoXPlanet 0.3, with the promised Windows/BSD/etc... support, is now available for download. In addition to the multiplatform modifications, small optimizations and enhancements have been made.

Next release will include better handling of paths in Windows (currently the markerfile has to reside in Desktop\xplanet-1.2.0\xplanet\markers for compatibility with winXPlanetBG), and possibly the promised MySQL support!

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-12

GeoXPlanet working under Windows

Windows is gettin' some lovin' too...

GeoXPlanet 0.3 will include limited support for Windows XP. See the screenshot section for the XP screenie.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-11

New Developer/Tester Added to the Team

Dev/Tester Drac0Linux has been added to the team. Drac0 will perform testing and will work on MySQL support.

Welcome to the team!

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-11

Version 0.2 out

Version 0.2 has been released. This version contains a centralized config file.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-10

Initial release

GeoXPlanet-0.1 has been released. This is an alpha/testing release. The code has support for online lookups via and database lookups via PostgreSQL (with the MaxMind database). psycopg and psycopg2 have been tested thus far.

Posted by rocket357 2007-09-10

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