hi folks,

I just tested a bit the geoserver with the embedded geowebcache on server and udig 1.2 as an wmsc client.

After reading the gewebcache.org main pages I thought the geowebcache would act as a proxy, which gets the client request and requests the WMS servers behind. But I was not able to find any information about the supported standard versions (WMS 1.0.0, WMS 1.1.0 or WMS 1.3.0). So here are my questions:

- Wich standards are supported for back-end WMS Servers?
- Wich version of WMS standards can be requested against geowebcache?
- Does geowebcache support several WMS client versions or only on special? I thought geowebcache as a real proxy can be requested with e.f WMS 1.1.1 client and handles and transforms the request about the configured WMS servers in the back-end.
- How has the client set width and height for tile request? Does the client need any details about the cache setup on server side?

Hopefully anybody could clarify.

in regards