marksender - 2004-12-17

Hello, I'm a new-commer about GIS.....
As we know, what an easy way to get distance between two GeotoolPoint by calculate manually ourself.  But when I try to use the method of Geotools:  Geometry.Distance(geo) then i will get an error exception at run-time.

Details my error code:
GeometryFactory fact = new GeometryFactory();
Geometry point1 = fact.CreateFromWKT('POINT(5 9)');
Geometry point2 = fact.CreateFromWKT('POINT(9 3)');

double distance = point1.Distance(point2);

Is that correct code ????
Is there any problem ???
May I have to create Geometry from the same Coordinate (SRID, PreciseModel..) from that code  ??????

Please help me .....
Thank u in advance....