I love this!!!

  • Ignacio Nicolás Rodríguez

    From zero knowledge of GIS or Shape Files (and zero knowledge of NAnt) to plotting my own maps into my own app, in 3 hours!!! Hey pals, your work is awsome! Please just let me know if I can be of any help.

    Needless to say, I'm not contamined by any Java ideas :-)

    Yours very truly, from Santa Fe, Argentina,
    Ignacio Nicols Rodrguez, MCSD.Net/MCT.--

    • chris hoar

      chris hoar - 2003-11-14

      Greeting from HK Ignacior,

      I've been interested in this site for a while but have very limited experience with .NET. Overall there seems to be very little activity here and noone has replied to me in the past.  I'd be interested in finding out how you got GeoTools.NET up and running.

      I've got Visual Studio .NET Pro.


      • Simon Batson

        Simon Batson - 2004-02-06


        I have got the project up and running in VS2003  .Net

        If you want I can send you a zip of the complete project.


        • chris hoar

          chris hoar - 2004-02-06

          Hi Simon,

          Tried to email you but got bounced.  Would love to see your VS2003 setup.

          Chris in hk


    • John Cole

      John Cole - 2004-02-09

      Hey, I second the request.  I'm having difficulty getting the demo working.

      I'd love to see a c# consol app that opens and displays a shapefile.

      Please post or send a zip of your solution.


      John Cole

    • armsoft

      armsoft - 2004-06-28


      Hay alguna posibilidad de obtener una demo.
      Estoy empesando en este mundo del GIS.

      Me gustaria, poder contactarte para futuras preguntas.

      Desde ya muchas gracias.


    • William

      William - 2004-07-13

      Please somebody could show or send me, a demo,
      to wcastro@luzdelsur.com.pe

    • Grant

      Grant - 2005-04-01

      Please send me the zip file either. I have GIS and .NET background  and would like to contribute for this project. Thansk. My email is gyang1@exploringit.com .


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