Check out the user guide advanced section on logging; you can actually choose what logging system geotools uses (since we get stuck with apps using log4j and other apps using java logging etc...)

If you have any additional questions (or can get useful answers out of this user list here) let me know and we can update the page.

For other libraries use by uDig you may need to look at their documentation to see if you can control their logging. The ones that use commons logging are pretty easy to hack at.

Note there are some very very evil tricks in order to step up and take control of logging from a number of apis...


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 6:23 AM, Benoît Thiébault <> wrote:
It works !
Thank you Martin !

Le 29 janv. 09 à 19:22, Martin Desruisseaux a écrit :

> Benoît Thiébault a écrit :
>> I am using Log4j as logging system for my application and I would
>> like  to redirect this message to another appender, a graphical
>> dialog that  is more user friendly than a console log. How can I do
>> this ?
> Could you try to put the following line at the begining of your
> application, before most GeoTools classes get loaded?
> Logging
> .setLoggerFactory("org.geotools.util.logging.Log4JLoggerFactory");
>       Martin

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