Hi Jody,

I expected 3857, as far as I know the data has been created with QGIS Desktop. I will check this and if this the case I will ask the QGIS team if they plan to enhance their definition.


2014-07-28 17:55 GMT+02:00 Jody Garnett <jody.garnett@gmail.com>:
Just a quick question, what EPSG code did you expect to find?

I tried http://spatialreference.org/ref/?search=WGS+84+Pseudo+Mercator

But none of the results have your Mercator_2SP setting. It could be that the WKT you are working with is just not a standard? GIS professionals routinely mash together their own CRS for a project/presentation when they are optimising for a dataset, and not concerned with interoperability.


Jody Garnett

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 8:15 AM, Andreas Bergmann <bergmann.hh@gmail.com> wrote:


when looking up the EPSG code for the following WKT definition with " CRS.lookupEPSGCode(wkt,true); " I get no results.  

When I do the lookup with the online toool http://prj2epsg.org/search, I get a result.

Are there any additional options I could set to identify the corresponding EPSG code?  

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     SPHEROID["WGS_1984", 6378137.0, 298.257223563]], 

   PRIMEM["Greenwich", 0.0], 

   UNIT["degree", 0.017453292519943295], 

   AXIS["Longitude", EAST], 

   AXIS["Latitude", NORTH]], 


 PARAMETER["standard_parallel_1", 0.0], 

 PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin", 0.0], 

 PARAMETER["central_meridian", 0.0], 

 PARAMETER["false_easting", 0.0], 

 PARAMETER["false_northing", 0.0], 

 UNIT["m", 1.0], 

 AXIS["x", EAST], 

 AXIS["y", NORTH]]



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