Hi Michael 
Sorry to reply to you directly,
I separated a simple project in this link:
And this link have a data used:
I'm creating a rectangles layer with the tool from my application
I Created a grid with 200 rows and 200 cols and 10 m
Two i create a grid with 10 rows and 10 cols and 200m
When i click in the map panel with this grid tool my map renderer don't is completed

2012/12/5 Michael Bedward <michael.bedward@gmail.com>
Hi Jairo,

Please reply to the list, not to me directly

> You're right, don't is correct repaint panel in paintComponent method,
> But is this was a crazy tentative to solve this problem
> The rendering problem persist
> http://s10.postimage.org/ghj8au16x/geotools_image2.png
> I don't have any idea to solve this problem, Could you help me?

It's hard to say more without being able to reproduce the problem
here. If you can provide a *small* example (code plus data) which
displays the problem I'll have a look at it.


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