I have to admit this was a mistake on my end.  There was an environmental issue causing this problem that I was unable to diagnose at the time.  You can ignore this question.

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 11:00 AM, lindsey <lindsey@mosaicatm.com> wrote:
Hi all -

I've been using a couple custom filter functions that I wrote, for about a
month now.  The framework has worked well for me, but I have one issue that
I haven't been able to work out yet.  My function takes in a handful of
parameters.  The parameters of String or primitive numeric types are working
great.  However I am having trouble with time based <PropertyName>

My feature is backed by a PostGIS data store and the table in question uses
"timestamp with time zone" type. So I was thinking I'd use the
java.sql.Timestamp in the FunctionName definition, like this:

     parameter("featureStartTime", Timestamp.class)

...and this in the evaluate method:

    Timestamp timeParam = super.getParameters().get(index).evaluate(feature,

Unfortunately though, that always returns null.  I have confirmed that the
database records indeed to have non null values.

I have also tried to handle these as strings, but in that - somewhat
surprisingly - it returns a "-1" value.  I suppose this is the equivalent to
null.  Date type also fails - returning null.

As a workaround so far, I have just been changing that field in my test
database to be a varchar and then converting in my code after reading the
param as a string.  However, I'm now about ready to move to a production
database that uses the postgresql timestamp, so I can no longer hack my way
around it.

I apologize if the answer is already in the docs/forums somewhere (I assume
it must be) but I have not been able to find it yet.   Any help would be
greatly appreciated.



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