GeoTools / GeoServer Meeting 2013-02-04


Andrea Aime
Ben Caradoc-Davies
Jukka Rahkonen


- GeoTools Contributor Agreement
- 2.3-RC1 - bug fixing and volunteers
- Meeting attendance going down :-)
- Good for incubation, need to let OSGeo know
- 2.3.x docs, where are they published?
- XSLT module graduation

GeoTools Contributor Agreement

Ben has questions on the gt2 mailing list
Ben checking with his management
Check with Google if Apache contributor agreement works
Compare with Eclipse?

Other possible candidates? (just for completeness sake):

Apache being very popular should ease things.
Apache contributor agreement license?

ACTION: Ben to ask Frank for suggestions as to acceptable agreements

2.3-RC1 - bug fixing and volunteers

Feb 21th: 2.3-RC1 is out
Bug fixing going on, please participate
Missing: volunteer to make the releases, 2.3-RC1 and 2.2.5
If you have time, please try out the new features and report back

ACTION: Ben and Andrea to ask around

Meeting attendance going down

First we lost Justin, now Jody too... hmm....
Christian and Gabriel are also in the useful "time zone"
Do we have to adjust meeting time?
Anything else that we can do? Suggestion welcomed!!

Good for incubation, need to let OSGeo know

Dotted all i's, crossed all t's

ACTION: Jody let OSGeo know we're good :-p

2.3.x docs, where are they published?

stable -> 2.2.x
latest -> master

2.3.x going no-where? 
I'd say, keep it that way until 2.3.0 goes out?

XSLT module graduation

Graduate it to extension status:
- maintainer: check (Andrea Aime)
- tests: check
- docs: check
- code coverage: check (82%)

ACTION: Andrea is going to make a GSIP

From the user list trenches

Jukka: full feature count for WFS is a good one to have, even if slightly out of the standard spec
Kosmo GIS is getting a good WFS transactional client (probably the best one, tested against GeoServer, TinyOWS and Deegree)