If you want you could take the code (attached..) get the original code by Paul crease, make sure that the CRS is WGS84 and use a precision model if necessary ! In my case my data needed a precision model.

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Could you share back the solution to the community?

(2011/03/30 19:38), mounir younes wrote:
I figured out the solution to this ! If anyone is interested let me know :D

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 2:30 PM, mounir younes <mounir.younes@gmail.com <mailto:mounir.younes@gmail.com>> wrote:

   Hello, I have a problem concerning finding the shortest path from
   several points (stored in shapefile) to a certain point using some
   roads (stored in another shapefile). Thanks to Paul Crease, he
   gave the solution to this but using EPSG:21781.

   What I have been trying to do for a week was to use the code on
   another dataset with WGS84 CRS.

   I have been trying a lot but I couldn't succeed in that ! I have
   attached the original code (by Paul Crease) and original dataset
   as well as the updated code with the new dataset.

   Could someone help me?

   What I tried was to use the geotedic calculator and
   DirectPosition2D instead of points. I need help ASAP because I am
   working on this project and need to submit it soon.

   Thank you everyone

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