The SOAP bindings are not in the official WMS spec (actually the WMS POST is also not official). Both are discussion papers within the OGC.

Currently we took the approach of wrapping existing OGC services and clients in Proxies that do this kind of protocol translation GET <-> POST/SOAP.

But adding the SOAP bindings to the GeoServer might be a good idea. I will see if I can find some students at the university to do this.


On 6/26/05, Chris Holmes <> wrote:
On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Cristian Opincaru wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thanx for advices. Well I actually want to implement the SOAP encoding for
> WMS, which actually is the POST xml document packed inside the SOAP body.
> Since I could not find any client/server that implement SOAP to test my
> implementations, I figured it is good enough to find some client that can
> make HTTP POST request (as server, I have one from Autodesk that - at least
> in the capabilities - supports HTTP POST).
You can also make use of GeoServer, which does support post operations.
And as it's open source you could modify it to handle soap requests, which
we'd happily incorporate - the soap bindings are in the official WMS spec,
right?  Doing so should not be too difficult, just make the bindings and
then pass off the content to the handlers and wrap the errors