Hello all,


I’m about knee deep into developing a program using the GT2 2.2 library.  I’ve parsed my way through a couple of the examples and gotten enough of the code working to the point that I’m getting dangerous.


Anyhow, I’m trying to take a set of city roads from a shapefile and use the Graph Builder module to turn them into a network(nodes, arcs).  I’m getting a runtime error from the following code in the add() statement.


BasicLineGraphGenerator lgg = new BasicLineGraphGenerator();

            FeatureCollection collection = null;

            try {

                   collection = fsShape.collection();

            } catch (IOException e) {

                  // TODO Auto-generated catch block



            FeatureIterator iterator = collection.features();

            while (iterator.hasNext()){

                  Feature f = iterator.next();




Where fsShape is a working instance of FeatureResults with about a hundred roads in it.


I’m not sure if one of the elements is a problem adding to the graph or if the whole structure is bogus, which leads to second question:


I downloaded the 2.2RC3src in an attempt to troubleshoot, unzipped it, mvn install’d it, got a good build, and it doesn’t appear to contain the source code…?  Just the full set of .jar files with no source attached?


I’m a maven novice, so maybe I’m gooning something up there.  Any help or anyone with experience in the graph module who could lend some tips/source code would be appreciated.





(sorry if this shows up as a dupe.  I mistakenly sent from another account last night…)