#21 Usability suggestions to GeoShell R4.11.10


Hi I am a new user to this great tools.

Version: GeoShell R4.11.10

I found some bugs in terms of usability

I love this inventions and think that it is really a
great idea.
I am not a developer, well, I hope to be anyway. But I
find that the program is a little bit
programming-oriented and the interface is not yet
user-friendly implemented.

Here is some of my first time using experience which I
hope that it can be as a contribution and
help improve the software in future updates. If I have
submitted duplicated suggestions, please forgive me. :)

0. The bar status doesn't automatically update nor can
be manually updated after the registry value is changed.
It is a little bit difficult to tweak.
a.Can be visaully tweaked from the GeoConfig
b.able to take effect immediately if possible

1. The default thickness of GeoBar is too thin, it is
"2" by default and seems to be invisible and cannot
find it if
I use "Edge Hide". When I change the registry, have
to logoff and back to take effect.

2. Each time I change registry value, it doesn't take
effect immediately

3. For the GeoMenuLaunch, I have accidentally unload it
at first and then when I load again, it is a
completely new and nothing inside, it might be
difficult for first time user.
I solve the problem like this:
1. I restore the part of GeoMenuLaunch by modifying
your Clean_install.reg
2. I use windows shortcut Win-R and then logoff to logff
3. Login again to take effect

4. The Shortcut to the Docs is unworkable because the
link has been modified.
a. Please update the included the link.
b. An offline version is highly recommended for people
who do not know much in short-cut, it is better to have
an offline version and can be recalled by pressing F1
in default.

Any comment and suggestion are welcomed.


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