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GeoShell 4.11.9 Beta Released

This release is a fairly major beta, but hopefully the most stable one we've had in a while. We are including an installer in a beta for the first time, because this release, although still in beta testing, has reached the point where it is actually a better choice for new users than the last point-release (4.11).

There is one new plugin, "GeoQuickLaunch" and we have removed support for LiteStep wharf plugins, a feature that practically no one was using anyway. In addition: the "GeoSep" plugin is now skinnable, and "GeoSep" and "GeoLabel" can both be used as grippers to drag the bar around or right-click to get the bar menu.... read more

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2004-08-26

R4.6 is almost ready

We're releasing R4.5 beta 6 tonight, but we're hoping that everything will go smoothly with it and we can move on to a 'solid' release with an installer right away.

After this there will be a feature freeze on the core while we work on fixing bugs and preparing the plan for the "next big thing."

At the same time, in preparation for the next big thing, I'm cleaning house a little and removing a bunch of well-respected developers who have been mostly idle for an extended period. If you were removed and you think it was a mistake, let me know. Likewise, if you're still on the list but not actually interested in helping out anymore, let me know of that, too.

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2004-03-28

R6 Developement Starting in ernest

with the release of R4.9 I (Jaykul) am officially moving on to R6, and will not be adding any further features to R4. I do expect that there will be at least a couple of further R4 releases by some of the other developers (I know, for instance, that matrice64 is working on fixed-width geobars), but the future is R6, and the future is near.

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2002-06-11

geo hands over the reins

geo (aka Geoffrey Elliot) has handed over all existing code to Jaykul (aka Joel Bennett) and the development team. He felt that geoshell was posing a conflict of interest with his work at Microsoft .... read more here:

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2002-06-11

GeoShell R6 announced

The "State of the Shell" is that we have started a major evolutionary step from R4 .. partially because of problems with R5. Because of the existence of a nearly-finished R5 code-base, and the sheer ammount of time that has been put into R5 by many of the developers, we were unwilling to just pretend it never happened, so R6 was born.

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2002-06-11

R5 Sidelined

For various reasons discussed at length in other places, R5 has been sidelined indefinitely. We had some problems with the Raptor core, some problems with the working set (memory consumption) and had a better opportunity.

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2002-06-11

R5 in CVS

I finally got around to fixing everything and importing that ... so now in our CVS root we have two subdirectories: R4 and R5

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2002-01-09

New Release :

More Details:

Build uploaded on

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2001-10-22 Release

Sorry about releasing these incorrectly, but I'm still working on figuringout access to SourceForge.
Binaries are on
Source archives are at

NOTE: The official release code is dated 20011001 (Oct 1, 2001).

:: Jaykul

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2001-10-01

Beta 4.8.2 released

Well... sadly, this is still on the old site, because we were in the midst of setting this sourceforge project up the way we wanted it, but you can get the 4.8.2 beta here:

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2001-09-13

geoshell R4 developement OFFICIALLY moved to SourceForge

With advice from several people .. I've decided to move the current geoShell developement to SourceForge. There are several really good reasons for this, I will only list a few:
1.) Fisrt of all, it makes it easier for us (the devs) to cooperate, since it provides CVS versioning.
2.) Hopefully will settle out problems with where the "official" releases are, because now we will all be able to put our releases in one place withtout waiting for someone else to upload them.
3.) Hopefully we will gain a new level of visibility, and possibly new developers.
4.) It's FREE, and provides some very useful tools, as well as some really decent servers.

Posted by Joel 'Jaykul' Bennett 2001-09-13

A SourceForge site devoted to Geoshell!

This site will hopefully be another place for developers and users of geoshell to meet and exchange information. I hope that everyone will be excited about this and use the site to it's fullest.

Posted by Jason Mitchell 2000-01-06

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