#2 Use a database for configuration

Near Future
Rob Hranac

> Well, since we already have a PostGres SQL database that is holding the
> geographic data, why wouldn't we be able to create another table and
> store the data there? Granted, I'm not too familiar (yet) with how

Of course, I should have mentioned this as an option and for the short term it is clearly the easiest thing to do for users. However, Postgres is more of a pain in the ass to install and develop for than MySQL and is slower for the sort of read-often/write-rarely crap we will be doing with the configuration data. Since we hope to someday support many back-end databases, I don't want to force users to install PostGIS no matter what - in fact I have had some of our first potential users refuse to do this already. So, this probably requires a phone call or meeting, since I want to make the right choice, but I will probably shelve this until March and after we release 1.0 using XML. I put this in the task tracker so we don't forget.