jed - 2013-05-23

Hi, can someone please advice if GeoRaptor can display MDSYS.ST_GEOMETRY type columns? It was working fine with SDO_GEOMETRY columns but giving an error when I tried to use it in a table with ST_GEOMETRY. Please note that the st_geometry column was derived from a table with sdo_geometry column type.

Error that I received is:
(GeoRaptor) error: Error...
ORA-00904: "A"."GEOM"."SDO_GTYPE": invalid identifier

... retrieving layer_gtype(schema.WLAYER.GEOM).
(GeoRaptor) warn: java.lang.Exception: Error...
ORA-00904: "A"."GEOM"."SDO_GTYPE": invalid identifier

ORA-01446: cannot select ROWID from, or sample, a view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.

Sample st_geometry values:

Appreciate any help on this.


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