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GeoQO 1.01 released

New in version 1.01:
- Small(ish) bug fixes mostly
- Remove the black lines from the map
- Fix the Makefile so it doesn't contain circular references
- Fix the progress bar

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2009-03-09

GeoQO 1.0 Published

I'm happy to announce 1.0 of GeoQO. It's been a long journey to get to
the 1.0 stage, but I think it's running quite well on linux. I was
hoping 1.0 would have more windows support, but I think that's coming
soon... (I really need a dedicated windows developer to help me).

New in version 1.0:
- Added a density plot option to the open-street-map based mapping feature
- Internationalization text fixes
(It should now display caches/waypoints from all languages correctly)
- The map display now has a 528-foot circle diagram for showing
cache boundaries for use when placing new caches.
- Added a --remember flag to auto-save searches to a specific named-search.
(Use mem:name to recall it in a future search)

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2009-02-07

GeoQO 0.99 released

I had a sudden burst of getting things done this week and I'm happy to
say that I both have an easy-to-use binary (no installing of anything
else, it just works!) and instructions for installing it (targeted
toward ubuntu, but it should work for any linux). Here's the NEWS
snippit and a link to the instructions:

(make sure to check out the mapping feature!)

New in version 0.99:
- A new map button in the gui to display maps from open street maps
- Maps now display icons
- More GUI simplification for people not setting the advanced preference
- worked through a few chicken-and-egg problems for new users
- The easy-to-install binary for linux has been tested from scratch
on ubuntu and now contains icons, gpsbabel and cmconvert embedded
within it
- Bunches of other bugs fixed... read more

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2008-11-19

GeoQO 0.98 released! Easy to install now!

New in version 0.98:
- New export module: 'map' for creating a png map based on openStreetMaps
- New display module: bounds for displaying lat/lon boundaries of a set
- Many of the more complex gui options hidden unless you have the
advanced preference set.
- New ability to compile completely self-contained binaries
- Bunches of bugs fixed

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2008-09-22

geoqo-0.97 released

It's been quite a while since I've made a geoqo release. A few new
things and a number of bug fixes have been put in place. I'm trying to
work to a real 1.0 release, but I haven't had the time lately to sink
into the tasks I want to complete to make that happen. Here's the NEWS
about 0.97:

New in version 0.97:
- A new import plugin "dir" for importing an entire directory of files
- Database searching using a track can now use data beyond a given date/time
- A number of small bug fixes. In particular parts of the GUI were broken.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2008-04-23

GeoQO 0.96 released

New in version 0.96:
- New %{tags:}, %{attributes:}, %{ratings:} tags that can be used in
the modify/rewrite and display/list plugins
- Allow for cache descriptions to be put in put in Google Earth files
- A number of bug fixes

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-12-22

GeoQO 0.95 available

GeoQO 0.95 is available. This release is code named "4Zemmy". Zemmy
wanted improved GoogleEarth output and this release has it!

Here are some new GE output screen shots:

New in version 0.95:
- Greatly improved Google Earth (KML) output
- Cache Icons are done with the same icons used by the tomtom output
- GUI option screen is much more usable
- Now includes the ability to draw 528 foot circles around a cache
- Little Bug fixes... read more

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-11-29

GeoQO 0.94 released

New in version 0.94:
- Export to anything using gpsbabel
- An improved puzzle solving screen (and fixed some puzzle and attribute bugs)
- The dropexisting modify plugin can replace prefixes
- per-screen configurable defaults can be set
- Online tutorials greatly expanded:

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-11-19

geoqo 0.93 released

New in version 0.93:
- A new modify plugin ("dropexisting") for imports that let you only
import data that isn't in the current database.
- fix tagging and rating GUI screens so they actually apply the changes
- a database statistics GUI screen
- export to a plucker document
- various bug fixes

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-11-10

geoqo 0.92 released!

New in version 0.92:
- Export to many different output types (requires gpsbabel)
- TomTom support for really pretty maps
- More GUI improvements and cleanups in general
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
- New script command: %foreach
- syntax may change a bit in the future to incorporate dynamic data.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-11-01

geoqo 0.91 released

The geocaching and generic waypoint manipulation software "geoqo" version 0.91 is now available. Changes include:

in version 0.91:
- A new puzzle equation extractor that automatically extracts
equations from puzzles and puts them into attributes for later
coordinate replacement. This has been integrated into the puzzle
solving GUI as well.
- More bug fixes in many things, including the windows installer
- Graphical (Gtk2) based progress bars
- Other forgotten changes.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-10-25

GeoQO 0.9 released

This release of the waypoint/geocaching software comes with a much much better GUI, a large number of bug fixes, a windows install script and other improvements.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-10-13

geoqo 0.8.1 released

Fixes a single bug that prevented the -e command line switch from working.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-09-15

0.8 finally released

It's been a few months since the last release; there are a number of changes in this release detailed here:

New in version 0.8:
- more script functions: %system, %copy, %webfile
- Ability to search by things near a track point using the track plugin
- Ability to sort caches based on when they were found according to a track
- yet more gui improvements
- A windows install script (in windows: double click on INSTALL-WINDOWS)
- tomtom specific output support
- geoqo support for deleting waypoints with --delete=really
- also delete waypoints from the database using the "delete"
modify plugin
- new import types to manually create waypoints from parameters:
geoqo -i create: creates a new waypoint from a fill-in form
geoqo -i average: creates a new waypoint by averaging old
geoqo -i project: creates a new waypoint by projecting a distance away... read more

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-09-10

GeoQO 0.7 Available

New in version 0.7:
- a cache rating system
(and publication)
- embedded perl sections can be placed directly into scripts
- the top10 display module can calculate an average as well.
- the top10 display module can run a separate script on every result
- yet more gui support
- in particular, check out the cache tagging and rating screen
- installation paths are configurable thanks to lairsdragon
(installed scripts, for example)
- a usable preferences screen

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-04-09

0.6 released

GeoQO 0.6 released and contains a bunch of new features. The most important being tagging of waypoints is supported, sharing of tags to a tag server, and auto-tag calulation using a baysian classifier. The GUI support is significantly better as well (just run "geoqo"). Signififacnt improvements to the scripting system as well.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-03-11

geoqo 0.5 published

0.5 is published with the following updates:

- Support for data
- Better error messages
- The distance plugin can compute distance from another waypoint
- More improvements to the scripting mechanism.
- (if/then/else/title/print/save)
- Added some installed scripts.
- Beginning support for an automatic gui mode for scripts and other
processing. Not entirely finished yet. Ask Yamar for details if
you want to try it out.
- Here's an example. Run:
geoqo -x solve
- Which asks you for coordinates of a unknown geocache puzzle
you've solved and remembers them in the database. Demonstrates
both scripting and "auto-GUI" support.
- Many misc bug fixes and misc code cleanup and centralization.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-02-23

Version 0.4 released

New in version 0.4:

- A "diff" modify module to highlight changes between a new import
and the current db. Useful for comparing previous data to a new
pocket query.

- The "zip" import was rewritten to use Archive::Zip and import
everything in an archive rather than looking for particular file

- Added a "HTML" export module.

- An "only" modify plugin to limit a search set down to particular criteria... read more

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-01-09

Version 0.3 released

Version 0.3 fixes one bug (which is the primary purpose for the release) and adds one major new feature: scripting ability (see the documentation for details).

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-01-02

Version 0.2 released

Version 0.2 adds a number of minor new features, and fixes a few bugs.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2006-12-31

Woot! version 0.1 finally published.

Get it from the download site. See the install instructions on the home page for getting it up and working. See the manual for starting to use it with your geocaching data today!

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2006-12-20