GeoQO 0.99 released

I had a sudden burst of getting things done this week and I'm happy to
say that I both have an easy-to-use binary (no installing of anything
else, it just works!) and instructions for installing it (targeted
toward ubuntu, but it should work for any linux). Here's the NEWS
snippit and a link to the instructions:

(make sure to check out the mapping feature!)

New in version 0.99:
- A new map button in the gui to display maps from open street maps
- Maps now display icons
- More GUI simplification for people not setting the advanced preference
- worked through a few chicken-and-egg problems for new users
- The easy-to-install binary for linux has been tested from scratch
on ubuntu and now contains icons, gpsbabel and cmconvert embedded
within it
- Bunches of other bugs fixed

And the linux installation instructions:

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2008-11-19

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