geoqo 0.5 published

0.5 is published with the following updates:

- Support for data
- Better error messages
- The distance plugin can compute distance from another waypoint
- More improvements to the scripting mechanism.
- (if/then/else/title/print/save)
- Added some installed scripts.
- Beginning support for an automatic gui mode for scripts and other
processing. Not entirely finished yet. Ask Yamar for details if
you want to try it out.
- Here's an example. Run:
geoqo -x solve
- Which asks you for coordinates of a unknown geocache puzzle
you've solved and remembers them in the database. Demonstrates
both scripting and "auto-GUI" support.
- Many misc bug fixes and misc code cleanup and centralization.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2007-02-23

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