Version 0.4 released

New in version 0.4:

- A "diff" modify module to highlight changes between a new import
and the current db. Useful for comparing previous data to a new
pocket query.

- The "zip" import was rewritten to use Archive::Zip and import
everything in an archive rather than looking for particular file

- Added a "HTML" export module.

- An "only" modify plugin to limit a search set down to particular criteria

- Added support for a new class of waypoint types: wigle wifi data.
There is a new import, search and general waypoint class to
support it. You can download wifi hotspot data from and
import it using the wigle: import plugin.

- Much better error messages in many places

- Added a new developer to the project: jslagle

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2013-04-26

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