#4 Enhaced old style metadata editor


The patch adds support for repeating of section and parameters. It enables model multiply relationships. In the patch it is called as dynamic. Dynamic parameters, Dynamic section, and dynamic parameter in first level of dynamic Section is allowed. It uses classic jsf ActionListener for it, so page refresh is done. If the facelets view is used, it should be ready for ajax refresh of part of page.
Some other small features are added as gcoLevelList which enable to set what level from xml element should be repeated if gcoList content is used.
The patch contains test metadata profile, which demonstrates functions of this.
If the new featureas are not used in the profile, so the behaviour should be without change.
The selenium testCase is added for test of basich functions.
This patch is something like version 0.1, so it can contain lot of mistakes.
It could help with feature request ID: 3150698


  • Martin Vaclavik

    Martin Vaclavik - 2011-05-11

    contains diff and selenium testCase for Enhaced old style metadata editor patch

  • Martin Vaclavik

    Martin Vaclavik - 2011-06-02

    added test profile, fixed selenium test


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