I’m experiencing same problems as described here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/geoportal/forums/forum/1096643/topic/4580689?message=10332588


My difference is – I did not use user ’geoportal’ but ’geoportal10’.

It seems geoportal doesn’t use my password from geoportal.xml  (<CATALINA_HOME>\conf\Catalina\localhost) since I very well
can connect to same url with user/pwd in geoportal.xml using Oracle SQLDeveloper from same host.


I’m running geoportal 1.2 on Tomcat 6.0.35 at localhost:8080 (for testing purposes of course, not production).

I can login just fine using simple auth, but when I click Administration-tab, I get same ORA-error as described in link above.


Please advice.


Best regards

Bjørn Ove Grøtan