GeoNetwork opensource 2.0.2 maintenance release is out!

We're happy to announce the release of GeoNetwork opensource 2.0.2. Both a Desktop and a Server release have been created. We decided reduce the number of different releases to two (desktop and server) to simplify the release and maintenance process. Both releases include InterMap opensource as interactive Web Map Viewer.

The 2.0.2 release is a maintenance release fixing a range of issues discovered in the previous versions.

One mayor change is the support for Java 1.5. Another fix is better support for MySQL and Oracle DBMS's during installation. A full list of changes can be found with each release.

The Desktop installation provides less options to configure during installation than the Server version. Otherwise, both applications are identical.

The Desktop version provides a convenience Setup.exe application to start the installer on Windows. It also creates a Start menu on Windows computers. However, the installer can be started and used on other operating systems by typing "java -jar geonetwork-intermap-2.0.2-install-stdln.jar" from the command line.


Posted by Jeroen Ticheler 2006-04-18

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