GeoNetwork 2 RC1 available

Hi everybody,

here it is. This release is the first (and hopefully the last) release candidate. Almost all bugs have been fixed. From now, new bugs should be reported by the bug-tracking system. Beside the bugs fixed, this release has the following main adds:

- empty templates for the DC and FGDC schemes

- possibility to turn a metadata into a template and viceversa.

- "last results" button

- the migration code from geonetwork1. Now there is a script inside the bin directory. This scripts has a user interface that drives the migration of both data and metadata.

- a new harvesting capability that harvest metadata from a local file system. Inside the docs/examples there are 2 xml files. '"harvesint-config.xml" is a template that can be used for this harvesting process. The other, "import-config.xml" is another template that shows how the batch import can be driven during the import.

- there is a fix for oracle

We hope to release the final version by the end of October, fixing all new bugs (all funcionalities are almost there).


Posted by Andrea Carboni 2005-10-18

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