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Perhaps for real even!

Well guys, who knew that I'd get hired to a job right after the last announcement. I've been working there for a while and finishing my degree(long story). With my formal education done for hopefully a while, I put in a GSoC application. Unfort, since I could not find mentors, it was denied thus leaving me with a urge to code. Enough with the talking. Objectives to accomplish before summer's end:
-MsSQl, MySql support (much needed!)
-add memory for the DB(how else are they going to open? create table for users and use an xml file to store it)
-Diff database object between XML files and DB connnection
-change writer to include a PHP generator
-Add "Open DB project" option" to GeoLocate Main
-Change "new" to include DB table generation. be sure to include username to login. MAKE SURE OF JAVA DB CONNECTION STRINGS!!!
-Get Firefox XML support finally working (annoying much?)... read more

Posted by Seakip18 2008-04-26

Geolocate is back!

After 2-month break, development on GeoLocate is about to start back up!

I'm not moving away from Javaprogramming, but expect more robustness in datasources. Post any suggestions under forums, especially if you've got data source related stuff.

Posted by Seakip18 2007-07-11

Continuous Improvments

If you've been using the JAR files as of late, you've noticed more than a few bugs. I'm hoping to keep squashing them out with each .jar file I get uploaded. Keep checking them. Feel free to use the forums to post about a problem or a suggestion. I'll have documentation coming REALLY soon.
As for The map generation, I've got IE specific code for the moment. I'll have Mozilla code done in a week, making the program Linux-friendly, though I'll hop on and test it when Mozilla is working. Thanks for the support!

Posted by Seakip18 2007-04-11

Note about Beta Versions

Beta Versions will be uploaded almost daily(not including this weekend...have a wedding to attend). If a feature isn't working today, check back in a day or so. I'll really start being strict on documentation Sunday, so expect something that'll tell you what the heck is going on in the program and how to use it.

Posted by Seakip18 2007-03-30

Beta Version Uploaded!

The Beta Version has been uploaded. No help doc yet, but expect it much sooner than I said the beta would be. Anyways, source code will be released once the Comprehensive Exam is over and the project has been passed. Otherwise, it'd create a somewhat ethical dilemma. Post any suggestions/how much it sucks/compliments in the forums.

Posted by Seakip18 2007-03-29

Beta version coming soon

Sorry, we had a bunch of stuff due this week, though at that's left on this is the code integration. Look foward to a much more functional version soon!

Posted by Seakip18 2007-03-20


Basic CSV parsing and complete database class object conversion to XML is complete.

Posted by Seakip18 2007-02-26