Hello, I hope I'm writing to right adress.
I'm asking you what are possibilites to put additional country - Republic of Srpska - in your free base (or in others).
Curently visitors from there are shown as they are from Bosnia, or Yugoslavia - it differs from ISP.
RS is state-entity constitued by Daytons (OH) peace agreement, 1995, on Balkans. Politicaly, it is country with limited sovereignity. It has its own military, police, parliament, judgement, government, education, academic network etc.
I can provide you with a list of ip ranges and all aditional information about that.
I'm asking you because I'm using awstats+geoip option for my hosting clients. There are many visitors from Balkans, but they are not reported correctly, as I noted in example above. I know many other people who also want to have correct country-territory visitors statistics, including isps etc.
- d.