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Project officially inactive

As you might have noticed, I wasn't working on GeoDress for the last year. I wanted to continue the work but some time ago I decided to stop the development of GeoDress.

When I started this project over two years ago, there was no end-user software that could do easy reverse geocoding in EXIF data. But within the last 2 years some other image programs learned this feature. For example:

* Geotag:
* digiKam:
* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4... read more

Posted by Stefan 2012-08-07

Writing support in the future

In the current version of GeoDress, the Sanselan library is used for writing meta data. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with this poorly documented library.
So I decided to use the great ExifTool by Phil Harvey as an external program for writing the images. The disadvantage of this solution is, that an external platform dependent program is needed. But on the other side, there will be much more flexibility and features in the next versions of GeoDress.

Posted by Stefan 2010-11-01

New Wiki

The homepage of GeoDress was changed into a Wiki for a better access to all information:

Posted by Stefan 2010-10-06

Version 0.0.6 alpha released

GeoDress reached alpha status!
In version 0.0.6, the new writing support is included. Now you can write the addresses directly to the files. Currently, GeoDress can only write to the EXIF field 'user comment'. In future versions, there will be more possibilities.
All other changes are listed in the changelog on

I'm happy about all feedback in the forum. :)

Posted by Stefan 2010-05-16

Version 0.0.5 pre-alpha released

I decided to release another version before the great alpha release (in contrast to the last news item).
The reason is that there arose many problems with the implementation of the EXIF data writing. So I released this version 0.0.5 with some little bug fixes and changes to show you the progress of GeoDress.
I hope that I can manage the problems soon so you don't have to wait any more (I'm working on it!).

Posted by Stefan 2010-04-22

Next release: alpha

An information for everybody who waits for the next release of GeoDress:
I'm currently working on writing support for the address meta data. This takes a lot of time because GeoDress will reach alpha status within the next release. I'm also reworking the GUI and command-line interface for a better handling.

Posted by Stefan 2010-04-12

release v0.0.4 pre-alpha

With version 0.0.4 the design of the table that shows the picture data was completely reworked. You can copy coordinates and address to clipboard via right mouse click. Furthermore it is possible to change the Google Maps API key that is used to catch the addresses.
For more changes and bug fixes see the changelog on

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-30

release v0.0.3 pre-alpha

Now there's a help file which explains the program's features.
New is also the text file-export. You can export the picture data (including address) to a simple text file to work with it.

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-26

release v0.0.2 pre-alpha

Now you can get the addresses from your coordinates via Google Maps API. An option to save the locations to the JPEG files is still missing.
In command-line mode, use the option -a for this feature.

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-15

First release: v0.0.1 pre-alpha

So here it is - the first release of GeoDress!
Up to now, you can only read existing coordinates from JPEG files. Either via GUI or via command-line. But it's already an easy way to check existing geocoded pictures. The other features will follow as soon as possible.
GeoDress is distributed under GPL v3.

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-13

What is GeoDress?

GeoDress will be a program for reverse geocoding. That means you can get address/region/country of your geocoded JPEG pictures via internet and save them into the description field. It converts the coordinates into a text location, so you always know where the picture was taken without looking at a map.

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-07