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The Geoblock 2009.1.8 released

This release has improvements in geostatistical modeling, 3D Voronoi diagram calculation, natural neighbor interpolation procedures and database structure. The program is recompiled under CodeGear Delphi/C++Builder 2009 RAD Studio with support of Unicode strings. Now it includes new gnugettext unit from for localization of the program’s interface. The archive contents executable files with source codes. See also instructions in Developer's Guide.pdf how to add project’s libraries, plugins and DLL for developers

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2009-01-08

Geoblock 2.7.1 has been released

The release 2.7.1 contains improved routines for such methods of interpolation as Inverse Distance Weighted, Linear By TIN, Natural Neighbours, Closest Point, Polynomial Regressions and Kriging, including variogram modeling. Also Map Scenery unit has been added to view objects using GLScene tools and file formats.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2006-12-29

Geoblock's giswiki based site has been created

The new Geoblock wikki based site has been created at

The wiki site was started with the intention to allow more user interaction with the project. The wiki web-site is supposed to integrate all resources on various geospatial modeling methods together to form one comprehensive collection of demos, helps, reference material and tutorials for Geoblock software. ... read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2006-12-02

Support for C++ development of plugins is implemented

Added PluginReg.cpp and PluginReg.h to support C++ development of Geoblock's plugins for the problem task multipage dialog. Localazation with gnugettext.hpp is included. After making a plugin project new *.gpl file is placed in ..Geoblock/Plugin directory and when runing Geoblock you could find it with icons in Analysis|Problem book multipage dialog. To localize plugins for example into russian or spanish languages, please, unzip LOCALE with translation MO files into the same ..Geoblock/Plugins subdirectory. The sample source codes to develop plugins under Borland C++ Builder are in Extract the archive and add project files with cpp, hpp and obj to Geoblock folders as pointed in the unziped structure. Use Borland C++ Builder 6 or Turbo C++ 2006 to recompile and make HydroReservesPlugin.gpl written in C++ language.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2006-10-20

Setup for Geoblock 2.6.5 released

The installer SetupGBW based on NSIS now includes Geoblock 2.6.5 exe with BDE and codes. For sample archive of Geoblock Lite with working directory structure and exe program use Winzip and then 7z (from SF site) to unarchive GBW_Lite. The archive SourceForD10 contents only GBW source code for BDS 2006, Delphi. See instructions in Developer's Guide.pdf how to add project’s libraries, plugins and DLL.... read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2006-09-09

Release 2.5.12 Added

The Source and Executable ZIPs for the Geoblock Lite v.2.5.12 added. To run the Demo program you need to have BDE installed on your computer, sorry. Full installation using NSIS installer will be available in the next release of Geoblock Lite v.2.6.1. Please, use File|Import command to get some sample files varios formats as examples.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2005-12-31

Developer’s Guides for release.2.5.11 added

Developer’s Guides for release.2.5.11 added to geoblock-doc package. The PDF documents describe main steps to download, install and run the program. Two docs in English and Russian languages

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2005-12-04

Geoblock 1.5.4 for Windows released

In archive there is the executable program Geoblock with auxiliary files compiled under Delphi 7 Studio. Updated the main form with a new Action Manager components and fixed some bugs in GUI for XP Windows users. Added the Inverse Distance Weighted and Closest Point Interpolation in MethodInterpolation unit.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2004-02-01

New units to support Interbase have been implemented

Some new units to support Interbase have been implemented now since previous release. This is particularly FileBrowser with using the TVirtualTreeview component from Mike Lischke downloaded from Additional improvements were made in HTML help system with updated help units of Rob Chandler and Marcel van Brakel from There are plans to change TActionManager and TActionMenuBar on TActionLists and TMainMenu to provide Delphi/Kylix cross-platform support in Windows/Linux for next release, Geoblock 1.5.4.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2003-06-26

Finally Geoblock received GNU internationalization tools

Finally Geoblock have received an excellent cross-platform GNU internationalization toolkit from Thanks to Lars Dybdahl and Peter Thornqvist for their utils that helped to translate GUI from English into Russian language and localize the program. Instead of 1.5Mb Geoblock.rus that was created by resource dll master with Delphis ITE now we have only 86Kb dictionary file. Because of right organization in form inheritance of the project it was possible to include into source codes only a pair lines with procedures from dxgettext unit to get full translation of GUI. Now the single Geoblock.xml file can be used as the language repository dictionary for updates and exchanges between different translators into other languages.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2003-03-25

Source codes with project files for v. 1.5.3 updated

Source codes with Delphi7 project files and the system directory tree were updated and added to download section to help compilation of the Geoblock project group.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2003-03-18

New zips are added to the release 1.5.3.

In addition to previous you will find a and archives in downloaded area of SF. Change old files in your Geoblock's bin directory with new ones from Fixed some minor bugs, the help system is expanded.
Note: this release still works not stable and can be used only like demo program.

Explanation. When the project started as Open Source it was not philanthropy but an attempt to find associate specialists for the software development. Unfortunately hitherto all organizations mentioned earlier like partners help only with unfounded expectancies so the list of partners now is obsolete. The only sponsorship from Getos Ltd. was almost exhausted and the development of the project will conduct henceforth from a face of Geoblock Inc. by hope of feasible cash receipts from clients for further improvements in codes. For more information, please, contact with admin of the project.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2003-02-27

Geoblock 1.5.3 for Windows released

The new release 1.5.3 of Geoblock program for 3D modeling and visualization of geoscience datasets, geological exploration, ore reserve calculation and mine planning is issued.

The package has an installation zip archive with executable program and auxiliary files compiled under Delphi 7 Studio. Now the main form has a new Action Manager to centralize events and customize GUI for XP Windows users. Removed all obsolete procedures of captions/hints translation from English into foreign languages for the sake of standard internationalization approach with usage of resource files and only one repository dictionary. Developers and volunteers are invited to improve further functionality of the system and its expansion. All testers would be gratefully appreciated.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2002-11-04

License of Geoblock Brings Into Accordance With MPLicense

1.The contents of the Geoblock program are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this software except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
2.Anyone may use the Geoblock program free of charge under terms of the License while downloaded it from Internet or via any Electronic Distribution Mechanizm.
3.If ordering and purchasing the Installation CD from Geoblock administrators or other associated partners the registered user enables to get additional libraries, redistributable runtime packages, utilities, databases, plugins, documentation and technical support. Inquire details of selling, registration and current prices from the administrator:
4.Notice: If any Contributor will modify source codes and rebuild the Geoblock exacutable without co-ordination and encouragement from project administrators, such Contributor should not redistribute, lease and sell the Covered Code under the trade mark GeoblockФ, that was registered in RosAPO agency as the program product №970356 privately owned by the Initial Developer.
5.Installing and using the Geoblock program signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license.
Chief Administrator of Geoblock Project

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2002-06-25

Hierarchy of Geoblock Forms Is Improved

The InitialForm as the principal ancestor for all Geoblock hierarchy of inherited forms is designed and commited. Now this unit includes an advanced mechanism for translation visual component captions and hints in graphic user interface and radically simplifies localization of the program with different natural languages.
The programming work on replacement BDE with dbExpress (and IBX) support and migrating Paradox to InterBase tables for Geoblock databases is going on.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2002-06-05

Short Instructions for Building Geoblock

The Developer's Guide for Delphi 6.0 programmers with a short instruction how to compile and run Geoblock project is added to \Geoblock\Doc folder in Repository as PDF document.
There are also sections that describe the form hierarchy and table structures of GB spatial models in the document.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2002-03-03

First Phase in Conversion of GB Code to D6/Kylix is Finished

All forms, files and resources of the Geoblock project are corrected for using within Delphi 6/Kylix and may be found in CVS repository at
I have no time and possibilities to maintain old versions of Borland Delphi, so from now only the latest version will be supported. Now you can download CVS updated files and build the Geoblock executable application only with Delphi 6, Enterprise Edition, compiler.
Note: You should also use the latest CVS version of GLScene library from to link with, although it is not working still in Geoblock GeoScene window properly

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-10-06

To Run Geoblock Users Need BDE Installed On Their Computers

The execution of many Geoblock’s functions in release 1.5.2 for access to database tables requires Borland Database Engine (BDE). Therefore to run the program downloaded from SF.NET in will need BDE installed on user’s computers.
Upgrading from VCL of D5 onto usage the cross-platform library CLX of D6 means that for running the Geoblock program release 1.5.3 it’s also necessary to have on user’s computer the re-distributable qtintf.dll file.
Note:I’m scheduling to issue the new release 1.5.3 with updated zipped files until the end of the year.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-09-17

One Conventional Way to Speed Up Development of Geoblock

Project Leader: Now I operate with CVS repository on a rather sluggish communication line and will take to consideration any proposals to get a temporary position in Australia or USA in concerned organization with more fast and reliable connection to SF.NET.
So if you can offer an opportunity, please, read my CV on and feel free to contact with me on email: read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-09-07

Current List of Geoblock Partners Can Be Proceeded

How to become a partner of the Geoblock project? You and/or your company can be included into the list of partners at our home page if your donation exceeds $95 USD. For more details see information at

We are planning to use the fund mainly for following purposes:
Upgrading our programming software tools, e.g. Delphi/Kylix from Borland International, and updating hardware for chief developers.
Advertising and promoting the Geoblock program in various ways. This includes GIS, geological and mining magazines, exhibitions etc.
Creating CD-ROMs with current releases of Geoblock for new partners and users.
Developing an online version of software to run it through Internet.... read more

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-09-03

Updated Geoblock Codes for CVS

Updated source codes of the current release is added to the CVS repository into source module. Developers can now access codes with CVS operations except plugins, which still may be downloaded separately as from the Geoblock’s package archive. Some bugs were fixed in Vislib components to exclude conflicts with RXLIB. New automatically generated help system, HelpSys for developers, is under preparing now and should be included to the next release. And finally two language web page of GB is uploaded to SF with example snapshoots.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-06-07

The archive of plugins to the Geoblock package is added.

The examples of plugins ( are included to release 1.5.2 of the Geoblock program.
The programmers can now design their own modules (DLL with .gpl extensions) with the help of Borland Delphi or C ++ Builder, which will be automatically built into the accumulator problem page dialog in the program. It allows to extend a core of the Geoblock system for the solution of special tasks and even further independent commercial distribution of the plugins.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-05-24

Anouncement: Geoblock 1.5.2 for Win32 released

The new release 1.5.2 of Geoblock program for 3D modeling and visialization of geoscience datasets, ore reserve estimation, mine planning and simulation of processes in mine sites is available. The alpha version of context sensitive Geoblock.chm help system is added. Export/Import of data tables is implemented for DAT, TXT, DXF, GRD, MOD and other formats. Developers and volunteers having Borland Delphi6/Kylix are needed to port source codes to Linux. The translators to any languages can independently localize the system Dictionary file and be involved into internationalization of the program.

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-05-20

Initial release of Geoblock 1.5.2

Announcement: Initial release of Geoblock 1.5.2 is available for downloads

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-05-19

The preparation of source code

The work is continuing to format with Borland style and prepare with the lisence headers more then 200 files of the Geoblock program

Posted by Pavel Vassiliev 2001-05-11