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Two new buttons "Start" and "Track" (28.12.2013)

The browser has two more buttons now.

- red, "Stop" while the location and sharing (positions and tracks) is running
- green, "Start" both location and sharing is stopped

- red, while a track is recorded
- green, while no track is recorded

Additionally, for tracks
- The track distance is shown.
- The elapsed time is shown.

You can save the accu time of your mobile if you stop the location update and sharing.
How? Make sure the green Button "Start" is shown.

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-12-28

App fully works in Firefox under Android (28.13.2013)

No need for sender app (like Geo5.apk or OSMand.apk) any more.

What has changed for the user?
Once the app is started in the browser:
- The location update is not stopped if the display is switched off.
- Sharing positions and tracks is not interrupted any more.
- Writing of tracks is not interrupted.

Good news!

Why is this possible now?
The new mobile version of Firefox under Android does not stop the location update in mobile Firefox if:
- the display is switched off
- the tab is changed.

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-12-28

"Final" version reached (03.12.2013)

No open tickets at the moment, see

What has changed?
- The user can change between three different marker icons (mushroom, mushroom with user, marker).
- The user can change the size of the marker icon.
- Font sizes automatically increase on retina displays.
- The user can change some more settings via the browser, e.g. decay time for tracks (and inactive users), timezone offset (used to split tracks into days),..

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-12-03 Labels: final

Big Plans - Integration into the RED matrix (23.11.2013)

There are (big) plans to integrate Mushrooms into the RED matrix, a new revolutionary decentralised network.

But first there are some things to do:
- decay time for tracks (and users)
- configurable timezone offset
- configurable position marker (icon = mushroom)
- configurable server (PHP) script

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-11-23 Labels: plans RED-matrix

Mushroom as marker icon on the map (16.11.2013)

You see you and your friends as a mushroom on the map.

A friend suggested to re-name the programm from "geo5" to "mushroom".
So may be the project and programm will be renamed soon.

Renamed the webpage from "geo5" to "Mushrooms".

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-11-16 Labels: marker icon mushroom rename

Speed up browsers by "installing" Geo5 into the browser(-cache) (13.11.2013)

The browser will "install" Geo5, to be more precise: the used ressources: javascript files, pictures,...

What is changing for the user: If you start Geo5 the browser will load it from the local cache instead using the internet connection.
This is especially usefull for mobile devices with limited network speed.

Quote from wikipedia

The cache manifest in HTML5 is a software storage feature which provides the ability to access a web application even without a network connection.... read more

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-11-13 Labels: appcache manifest

What comes next? (10.11.2013)

Bugfixing of course !!
- stored tracks (not today) > are not focused and "Save" works not correct [update] implemented

Settings Server
- change time zone (automatically set at the moment)
- decay time for tracks
Settings Client (Browser)
- show/hide debug message

Improvments for mobiles
- "Install" geo5 in the browser [update] implemented
- Cache map (tiles)

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-11-10 Labels: timeoffset decay_time

Removed warning "experimental" after a couple of weeks ( 10.11.2013)

Users can share their positions by just opening the page

Well, thats not quite enough. Befor they can see each other on the map they have to choose
- a user name,
- a password and
- group name AND they must use the same group name.

There is no need for a mobile app any more.
Well, thats not quite correct. Recording tracks is a little bit tricky in the browser beause the browser pauses to record the gps if the page does not have the focus or the display of the mobile device is switched off.... read more

Posted by Einer von Vielen 2013-11-10 Labels: beta