Emil Brink - 2009-04-06

Just a comment, to this ancient request. :)

Yes, it would be very nice. The reason gentoo doesn't support such niceness is that it (of couse) requires every file system access to be "virtualized", since it needs to do different things dependingon whether it should access a local file or a remote file.

gentoo is not written using any kind of filesystem virtualization layer; it does direct POSIX I/O calls all over the place. Finding all these places and changing them, is a lot of work.

There's also been the issue that I don't quite feel like re-inventing the file system virtualization wheel, but have had problems finding the obvious implementation to use. GNOME has one, but gentoo cannot depend on GNOME, it has to run without. I think GNOME's is nowadays able to run without GNOME, but am not sure.

This is a background-burner kind of thing. It would be nice, but I'm not quite ready to re-write all of gentoo to add it.