#75 Is dp_unfocus really needed?

Dirpane (5)

There is a bug I've been trying to resolve for a while now. The problem is that the cursor is lost when you double-click on an item. If I open a file using Enter or right click -> FileAction=View, the cursor remains, but if I use double-click to activate it, then the cursor is lost.

What I've tracked down is that the cursor is actually cleared AND re-set each time you click on a pane. I am not exactly sure what's happening, but I do know that the culprit is "dp_unfocus" doing what it's supposed to do.

Is there any practical reason why the function dp_unfocus (dirpane.c) is required? The user-cursor is handled by gtk itself, so I see no valid reason to invoke it. Gentoo invokes it in two places: on entering a new directory and activate_render (supposedly done when switching panes, but it is also called for some reason when you click on the active pane as well) . In neither case it is necessary to remove the cursor because:
- on switching directories, the cursor is removed when you clear the pane contents anyway.
- on changing panes, you are setting the cursor on the other pane anyway.

So, could we please remove dp_unfocus?


  • Emil Brink

    Emil Brink - 2012-05-27

    Agree, I don't even remember why that code was in there. :) I've removed it, it will be gone from the next release. Thanks!

  • Emil Brink

    Emil Brink - 2012-05-27
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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