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iTunes Genre Art Manager / News: Recent posts

iTunes Genre Art Manager: Version 1.3.2 released

Just a very small bugfix release, no major changes. Now using the & character in the match word won't corrupt the genre file anymore.

Posted by Daniel Dreibrodt 2009-05-09

iTunes Genre Art Manager: Version 1.3.1 released

This release just fixes a bug which led to a corruption of the genre list when saving in certain cases.

Posted by Daniel Dreibrodt 2009-02-20

iTunes Genre Art Manager: Version 1.3 released

This new version brings support for genre lists that were modified by iGenres. The interface was made more intuitive, allowing users to change genre images via drag and drop.

Now changing the genre art in iTunes 8 is as easy as never before.

Sadly the new version cannot anymore be run with Java 1.5.

Posted by Daniel Dreibrodt 2008-12-24

iTunes Genre Art Manager: Migration to SourceForge

The iTunes Genre Art Manager project has now successfully migrated to SourceForge. Everybody intrested is invited to contribute to the project to improve the program.

Posted by Daniel Dreibrodt 2008-11-26