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Release! 2.1.4

Improved base lining and size matching
Fixed bugs with annotation selection and highlighting

See change log for details

Posted by Travis Banks 2008-06-30

Release! 2.1.3

This release of Genographer includes an update to the user
interface, a total reworking of the genotyping facility,
improved handling of unprocessed (raw) ABI .fsa files
(use the GeneMapper import filter), some code
refactoring and numerous bug fixes
(see Change Log).

Source and binary files are included in all of the platform
releases. The latest release of Java (1.6.0 update 10 beta)
offers a noticeable speedup in running the application so
that JRE is included with each of the platform specific
releases. The JRE stays local to the application directory
and is only used by Genographer. The platform independent
release contains an executable .jar that is invoked using:... read more

Posted by Travis Banks 2008-05-01

2.0.2 bug fix release

Addressed the following issues:
- a peak was getting detected twice in some cases throwing off the standard curve.
- change to how the median absolute deviation for the 'large window' on a trace is calculated. Should improve loading times a bit with raw ABI files containing many scanlines.
- parameters for standard peak detection and regular peak detection were separated and can be tuned independently. See the file.
- a bug where the title of a gel was not being saved was fixed.

Posted by Travis Banks 2007-01-31


Release of Genographer 2.0.1. Remember, Genographer requires Java 6 (included with the windows setup file)

Posted by Travis Banks 2007-01-24