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Installation for Debian systems

Installation files for Debian based systems such as Ubuntu is now available at Files tab.

Posted by Saeed Shariati 2014-04-28 Labels: installation

New OSX binaries (for older OSXs)

There are binaries available for PPC OSX which should work with any OSX version 10.2.8 and greater.

Thank you, Gilles Detillieux!

Posted by Josef Svitak 2006-09-08

Finally. Binaries for Intel Macs

There are binaries for Intel-based Macs available.

As always, the md5 checksums are available in the Notes link from the file download page.

Thanks so much to Werner VanGeit for providing these binaries!

Posted by Josef Svitak 2006-06-29

Genesis support continues!

Although it's unlikely that there will be a Genesis 2.4 release, the CVS repository will be kept up-to-date with the most recent bug fixes

The effort to reimplement Genesis is in full swing under the guise of moose-g3 (see Requests for new Genesis features should be directed to that project.

Posted by Josef Svitak 2006-06-19

Genesis and Pgenesis 2.3 Launched!

At last- the official launch of GENESIS 2.3! Most of the credit is due to the untiring work of Joe Svitak who cleaned up old code, fixed bugs, implemented requested new features,amd integrated the patches and contributions of many BABEL members. Greg Hood has cleanly integrated the
MPI version of PGENESIS into PGENESIS 2.3 and updated the documentation. Upi Bhalla and Hugo Cornelis have provided updated versions of Kinetikit and the Purkinje cell tutorial. ... read more

Posted by Josef Svitak 2006-03-20

Final Release Candidates!

The final release candidates of both genesis and pgenesis are now available. These have some new features, updated documentation, and several small bug fixes.

Genesis is now able to parse scripts created on various operating systems which use different line endings.

The Xodus user interface interacts more robustly and consistently with modern window managers.

Pgenesis documentation is now fully up-to-date.... read more

Posted by Josef Svitak 2006-02-21

Paralell Genesis Beta now available!

Please try out the new pgenesis, updated to run on the XT3.

This is a sister release for genesis-2.3beta.

Posted by Josef Svitak 2005-10-26

New 2.3beta!

The new 2.3beta replaces the previous release.

This version fixes a bug encountered when running the CPG script and corrects path name issues with Usermake. It also includes an updated Kinetikit 11, which fixes some display issues with the kinetikit user interface.

Otherwise, a few comments were added to address compilation issues on certain platforms.

Posted by Josef Svitak 2005-10-25

Genesis 2.3 Beta Release

The beta release for GENESIS 2.3 is now available for testing at the Sourceforge site for GENESIS development

in the section "Latest File Releases".

GENESIS 2.3 supercedes version 2.2.1, and has a number of changes in the simulator source code to allow use on a greater variety of platforms, including Intel and AMD 64 bit processors, MacIntosh with OS/X, and Microsoft Windows with the Cygwin environment. It includes Kinetikit Version 10, and revised documentation. We expect that GENESIS 2.3 will be the last GENESIS 2 release, as we hope to begin preliminary releases of GENESIS 3 sometime next year.... read more

Posted by Josef Svitak 2005-08-13