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1.4.1 Released

Finally released!

Posted by Mike Hopkins 2004-08-18

1.4.1 Beta Testing

New Version 1.4.1 is in Beta testing now.

Posted by Mike Hopkins 2004-08-07

New Release 1.4.0

Another release. This will be my last release, as I am leaving the PCB industry. It would be awesome if someone wanted to take up this project!

Added mostly some routines to add a rout chain and other features. Also added a way to get lists of layers meeting certain criteria (polarity, side, etc)

Posted by Daniel Gowans 2004-01-06

New Release 1.3.0

Release 1.3.0 of the Genesis Python Interface has been added. Please download/make comments/help out!

Posted by Daniel Gowans 2003-10-08