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Release 2.4 is coming next

5 new PDF Reports : First Names, Last Names, Places, Sources and Media

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-07-23

Release 2.30 fix 1 available

Go to "Patches" menu to download the patch.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-07-19

Release 2.3 is available

Big release. A lot of work to visualize your genealogy on maps.

The file "" does not contain cartography database.

New user features
- dynamic maps of US et France. You can visualize map for an ascendance, a descendance, a first name or a last name.
Only for US, you can see global US and zoom by state.
For France, you can see department maps only.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-07-09

Release 2.3 is coming next

Special cartography : united states and french departements with interactive map.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-06-09

Release 2.2 is available

New user features
- individual index card : add PDF report
- ascendancy PDF Report : add pictures
- generic : the ancestors of central individual are displayed with a red rhombus
- generic : change arrows of individual links
- index : change the look of language choice, delete the OK button for the theme choice

Technical features
- upload : gedcom tag "DATA" is manage to a better displaying for notes and evenements... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-05-13

Release 2.1 is available

New user features
- new PDF Report : indented descendancy tree
- medias : GIF and PNG formats are supported
- ancestry tree & PDF report: add displaying medias
- home : add statistics of sources and medias
- individual index card : add associated picture
- descendancy tree & PDF report: add age of death
- sources : add hyperlink to individuals associated
- generic : all dates are translated in english
- generic : dates in bold in all trees and PDF reports
- dynamic gedcom comparaison : design is better... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-04-21

New screenshot online

You can look at the future indented descendance PDF report of 2.1 release in screenshot menu.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-04-19

Release 2.00 is available

New management of GeneoTree Base
- add a administration page
- protect the administration page by a password
- delete base in administration page
- better display of gedcom files and bases on a same line

User new features
- ascendant tree PDF report : implex and unkown father management
- ascendant tree PDF report : display 6th generation existence
- home : ajout des preferences
- home : predisplay browser language
- preferences : add 5 themes
- chargement gedcom : translate messages
- last name and places list : shorter... read more

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-04-04

Release 2.0 in preparation

New features :
- New themes
- Isolation by password of Administration acts (delete and upload gedcom)
- PDF report ascendant tree : unknown father and implexe management

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-03-19

Video captures are online

6 video captures are available on SourceForge GeneoTree Home Page.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-03-19

New screenshots online

3 new screenshots are availables
- ascendant PDF Report
- dynamic mix tree
- dynamic media

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-03-19

Release 1.12 is available

Adding Grey color in PDF Ascendant Report to look at a better visualization.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-01-31

GeneoTree 1.11 Fix available

Fix to correct an error in the management of the connection to MySQL base

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2006-01-09

Release 1.10 is available

Media menu and search module are adding.
Merry christmas and happy new year to everybody !

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2005-12-26

Release 1.1 coming next

Release 1.1 is coming next
New features :
- media menu
- general search among notes and sources

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2005-12-17

Release 1.00 is available

With this release, you can see your genealogy as never before.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2005-12-05

First release 0.90

Geneotree is born for your enjoy.

Posted by Damien POULAIN 2005-12-04

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