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#238 Sensu in documentation


This section needs to be removed from the documentation since we no longer support sensu terms. :)


  • girlwithglasses

    girlwithglasses - 2008-02-25

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    I'll remove the section from that page. Any suggestions on a rewording for this section:

    Species-specific terms

    The Gene Ontology aims to provide a controlled vocabulary that can be used to describe any organism; nevertheless, many functions, processes and components are not common to all life forms. The convention is to include any term that can apply to more than one taxonomic class of organism. To specify the class of organisms to which a term is applicable, GO uses the designator sensu, 'in the sense of'; for example, trichome differentiation (sensu Magnoliophyta) represents the differentiation of plant hair cells (trichomes).

    It would be useful to have some kind of documentation about how we handle species-specific stuff.

  • Midori Harris

    Midori Harris - 2008-02-25

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    Could just change the last sentence to ...

    Where different terms are required to represent different types of process or component observed in different taxa, the terms are named and definued based on what features distinguish them from the parent(s) and sibling(s). Narrow or related synonyms may be included that name the taxon/taxa to which the term is known to apply.

    ... or some more elegant wording thereof.

    possible example:

    flocculation GO:0000128
    [i] flocculation via cell wall protein-carbohydrate interaction GO:0000501 narrow synonym 'flocculation (sensu Saccharomyces)'
    [i] flocculation via extracellular polymer


  • Jane Lomax

    Jane Lomax - 2008-04-23

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    Seems to be done.

  • Jane Lomax

    Jane Lomax - 2008-04-23
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