#245 Add verification check for equivalent terms

OBO-Edit (271)

Please can we have a verification check for equivalent classes.

Background: I am in the process of integrating about 1500 cross-product terms created by curators into a version of our anatomy ontology. One common problem is that curators make terms for classes that already exist, or that equivalent terms are later created in the main ontology. I need a system for finding when this happens. A verification check that lists such redundant classes would be great.

Note Protege 4 already has a mechanism for this.

Here's an example:

A curator, presumably attempting to be overly precise created the term

thecogen cell that is part_of peripheral nervous system

but acoording to the ontology, all thecogen cells are.

So, this term is equivalent to thecogen cell.

Example, with OE and P4 screenshots is here:

https://cedar.bio.indiana.edu/trac/env/ontologies/wiki/Public_Comparison_P4_2_OE under the subhead

Detection of equivalent (i.e.- potentially redundant) classes:


  • David Osumi-Sutherland

    • priority: 5 --> 7

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