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I have had an idea that would make verification plugin queries quicker.

I quite often get a lot of queries like the following, especially after using the clone tool.

"The terms cellular manganese ion homeostasis (GO:0030026)and manganese ion homeostasis (GO:0055071)share the name or synonym "manganese homeostasis"."

It would be very handy if in the output of the verification plugin there was an auto-resolver menu on such queries that gives the following options for each term name in the sentence:

1) delete synonym
2) change synonym scope to broad_synonym
3) change synonym scope to narrow_synonym
4) change synonym scope to related_synonym

So it would look like this if the [X] represents the resolver icon:

"The terms cellular manganese ion homeostasis (GO:0030026)[X] and manganese ion homeostasis (GO:0055071)[X] share the name or synonym "manganese homeostasis"."

I thought about asking for a modification of the clone tool but I think it is best if the clone tool still keeps the synonym exact and then we fix the scopes manually using the verification plugin.

Does this seem like a thing that would be easy to implement?




  • Midori Harris

    Midori Harris - 2007-07-18

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    You'd need one more option: edit synonym text (forgetting to change the synonym(s) in parallel with the term name is my #1 source of this kind of error!). Not sure whether that could be implemented ...


  • Jennifer Deegan

    Jennifer Deegan - 2008-08-06
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Midori Harris

    Midori Harris - 2011-07-22

    not an inherently bad idea, but really not a priority

  • Midori Harris

    Midori Harris - 2011-07-22
    • priority: 3 --> 1
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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