Heiko Dietze - 2012-10-22


the limitations are a safety measure. In the past, if a user specified more memory, it was impossible to start OBO-Edit.

For your case, there are two possible options:

1) OBO-Edit and the installer try to guess what is a safe value. One main factor is default Java. Usually, the default Java is 32-bit, which has the limitations. If you can switch the default Java to the 64-bit, the OBO-Edit installer and OBO-Edit itself should give you the option to allocate more memory.

2) If you are sure, that the default java supports 64-bit, try to hand-edit the config file. In your installation, there should be a file called OBO-Edit2.vmoptions
In this file you can supply the option for the Java virtual machine.

I hope this helps.