Ed Ridpath - 2004-08-26

I've just uploaded the Rich Client Platform port of the existing GeneaPro code as a new module/new eclipse project named net.sf.geneapro.  Look for these changes:

- Code much closer to our coding standards
- All Java code in /src
- added /html for help files
- /doc has a separate design, /javadoc, and /user directories
- /doc/design is for *.doc (MS Word or OpenOffice files related to design/developement
- /doc/javadoc is for generated javadoc file
/doc/user is for *.doc user guides - when we get there
- no .classpath or .project - please add these files to your .cvsignore
- It's now a plugin - so use Plug-In Developement versus Jave
- You will need to copy the JDBC external jar file into the project directory - still looking for better answers to plug-in finding external jars - also add the external jar file to .cvsignore - we don't need to be distributing jar files via CVS

In general this resulted in much cleaner code and workspace - still much to be done though.  Feel free to comment.