• Robert Bell

    Robert Bell - 2004-03-26

    Is this project active? I replied twice to the "developers wanted" ad but got no response.  Are you still looking for help?

    • Tom Morris

      Tom Morris - 2004-03-26

      The project seems to be in a bit of a lull right now.  I suspect the project lead has other things occupying his time, but don't know for sure.

      I don't know what skills and what time commitments are provided by the current list of developers, but from my (non-project lead) point of view, some things that would be useful include:

      - a strong user interface engineer - while the core concepts of GDM are very powerful, they will require solid UI design to expose to the user in a way that they can use/comprehend

      - someone familiar with database design and O/R mapping or Java persistence mechanisms

      Anyone with strong Java skills and a good working knowledge of two or more commercial or open source genealogy packages can probably be put to good use.  Of course you need to understand the GDM as well.

      Just my personal view...


    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-03-27

      I have added Robert and Leif as developers - Welcome to the project!

      • Robert Bell

        Robert Bell - 2004-03-29

        Thanks! - I try to read up and see where I can offer my help.

    • Chris Stillwell

      Chris Stillwell - 2004-05-12

      I would also be interested in participating from time to time if this project is going to remain active.  I have extensive Java experience in both client and distributed applications.  Proficient with Swing but have only dabbled with SWT.  Many years ago I also wrote a Java applet to display gedcom files on the web.  You can se it at:

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-06-16

      Please welcome Chris Stillwell and Jean-Franois El Fouly to the GeneaPro Project.

    • Nick Charsley

      Nick Charsley - 2004-06-25

      I too would like to be involved with this project, mainly because it will prevent me from having to duplicate the work here.

      I can bring a reasonable amount of GUI Design work as well as Database Reporting.

      Nick (c)

    • Leif Biberg Kristensen

      I've just received a message from Ed asking if I still want to be involved in this project, and frankly, I think that I'll say no. My reasons are several, but I'll try to be short:

      Firstly, I'm not versed enough in Java to be of much help. I had planned to develop my Java skills, but the way I see it, being versed in Java is primarily a question of aquiring knowledge about several metric tons of common objects, their methods and interfaces. Knowing those, "good" Java programming is reduced to a skill in connecting the dots. That does hardly appeal to my way of approaching programming problems at all.

      Secondly, I consider the GDM model to be a pipe dream of a few developers coming together for a couple of sessions and trying to be creative. I do respect their effort; however, the result seems more than a little half-baked, and should probably not be considered a functional base for a working genealogy program. Rather, I think that a strict implementation of GDM will cause users to run away screaming after a few minutes, unless an awful lot of thought goes into the interface. We're probably talking about  applied AI technology here, in amounts and quality that never has been seen in Open Source software.

      Thirdly, I've got my own project implementing a rather primitive "reverse-engineering" of The Master Genealogist (TMG) as a thin-client application running off a Web server. I'll rather invest my time in that.

      I wish you good luck with the project. Linux is in dire need of good genealogy applications, as these may well provide the "killer applications" that will get hordes of mature citizens to cross the border into the land of Free Software. However, I do think that you're in over your heads with your approach.

      Keep up the good work.

      Regards, Leif.


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