This group is probably already dead

  • Leif Biberg Kristensen

    Two days ago I sent a message to the founder of this group, Edward A. Ridpath, with a request of being joined to the group. No answer. I have sent a couple of messages to this group on the general forum. No answer.

    I take this to indicate that this group of developers is as dead as any other group on Sourceforge trying to implement the Gentech GDM. Sorry that this initiative went the same way as all the others, although this was something to expect.

    Darrell, it was nice to find your name on the developer list. That was one heavy reason for me to join this group. Sorry that it didn't work out.

    regards, Leif.

    • Tom Morris

      Tom Morris - 2004-02-20

      I think there's a word for this in Internet lingo -- oh, I remember -- "troll."

      I'm not sure why Ed didn't reply for two whole days.  Perhaps he was travelling or working or just generally having a life.

      As for your other posts, the first didn't ask for a reply and the second was Linux specific and I'm not running Linux here.  If I were to attempt to guess at the root cause of your Linux problem (despite the fact that you included no error message or any details), I'd guess that you don't have SWT (either the class files or the native code library).

      The code doesn't really do anything interesting at this point anyway, so you're probably better off reading the sources then running the proto anyway.

    • Leif Biberg Kristensen

      you're absolutely right -- it was an intentional trolling. Now I've got some answers and am quite satisfied so far :-)

    • Darrell A. Martin


      Well, Leif, I hope your comments about me were based on my willingness to "work through" fundamental issues regarding program design. As such, I appreciate them. However, if they were based on the assumption that I will be a whiz-bang code factory, I can only say that I am currently working on my Java skills. Not improving them, *getting* them [grin]. But I expect that effort to be a success, and at some point I will be doing to a keyboard (in regards to Geneapro) what Edgar Allen Poe's bird did to a door (in regards to getting attention).

      • Leif Biberg Kristensen

        I'm probably on a level with you regarding Java skills. As I told Ed privately, I'm currently in a professional position where I need to learn Java, and I figure that I may as well learn it by doing something that is of personal interest to me.

        On the contrary to believing this is a whiz-bang code factory, I think that the project time scale seems to reflect a quite realistic and relaxed attitude. I can sympathise with that.

        Sorry about the trolling. I became a little frustrated over what I perceived as a lack of response. I'll try to behave myself around here in the future.

        By the way, I didn't catch the allusion to Edgar Allen Poe's bird. Can you elaborate on that?

        regards, Leif.

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-02-24

      Are we suggesting a Raven as a mascot?  A little dark, but...

      I think the reference is to the " gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door."

      I'm glad to see we are in agreement on the more relaxed and long-term approach of this project - we all still want to get things done and product out the door, but getting it right and making for a positive environment for everyone is just as important.

    • Darrell A. Martin

      Ed:  correct concerning the raven's rapping. I think "dark" applies to the mood of the poem's narrator and the bird's feathers, but there is no indication the bird itself was deranged.... In "The Hobbit", the raven "Roac son of Carc" (spelling?) is a very wise old bird with knowledge of Dwarvish family matters.

      I'm not sure about "relaxed" being necessary, although it is nice. I am sure, though, about the need for "long-term" [grin].


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