Dev Mailing List?

Ed Ridpath
  • Ed Ridpath

    Ed Ridpath - 2004-08-24

    Although we have used the forum to post, and I do have them forwarded to my email, would there be value to a mailing list either in additon to or instead of using the forums?  Comments welcome.

    • Robert Bell

      Robert Bell - 2004-08-31

      I much prefer a mail list. Just because it takes 30 seconds to clcik reply versus going to the SF site finding the thread and posting a reply.  If SF doesnt provide mail lists we could use Yahoo Groups or somthing similar.  Just my .02

    • Nick Charsley

      Nick Charsley - 2004-08-31

      I think a mailing list instead of the forums would work well. I currently get the Forums forwarded by email so I can have an off line record. To be able to manage it all without visiting Sourceforge would be beneficial.

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-09-01

      The mailing list is now up and running - check out the mailing section of sourceforge.

      • Tom Morris

        Tom Morris - 2004-09-03

        OK, so now that we've got three places for stuff, how 'bout a recap of which things go where...

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-09-04

      Good point - I see the mailing list taking the place of the developer's forum, especailly as the project picks up the pace in design and coding.  I think the Public Forum is a good place to air general thoughts, and more or less show the overall activity and direction  of the project.

      I intend to monitor and respond in all the forums and the mailing list, but will lean to the mailing list for day-to-day posts.  I am open to other ideas, and if/when we build a testing and user community, we may have to expand the options.


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