John Ambruso - 2009-01-09

Available from CVS for those of you who are interested:

From: Tom Morris <tfmorris@gm...> - 2009-01-08 19:49

I don't know if there's anyone subscribed here who doesn't follow the
GeneaPro developer's forum, but just in case there is, I just posted

Probably no one cares at this late date, but I stumbled across this
project in a dusty Eclipse workspace during my end-of-the-year cleanup
and in a fit of New Year's energy/craziness decided to update it to
current versions of all its dependencies.

I replaced Hibernate 2.x with Hibernate 3.3.1 and made all the
necessary source changes to migrate from Hibernate2 to Hibernate3.
I've included all the optional jars even if they weren't being used so
that future folks have a matching set of versions if they want to play
with different caches or byte code generators (the project still uses
ehcache and cglib, respectively, as it did before).

HSQLdb has been updated from 1.7 to 1.8.

I've created OSGi manifests for the plugins so that some of the more
modern features are available, but didn't intentionally change
anything which will cause it to break on old versions of Eclipse. I've
tested it on Eclipse 3.4.1, but it should run at least a couple of
versions back with the appropriate build switches and target

I've updated the Java required to Java 5 (1.5) from Java 1.4. Now that
Java 1.4 has reached end of life, it doesn't make sense to ignore the
power of generics, etc.

So that's the 5 year update. Nothing has been changed as far as the
prototype itself goes, so it's still the same as it ever was, but at
least now if someone wants to play with it, they'll be able to do it
using more modern components.

Have fun!