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Tom Morris
  • Tom Morris

    Tom Morris - 2004-06-03

    Since we're all Eclipse aficionados here, it should be noted that the first release candidate for Eclipse 3.0 has been released.

    They are now in the endgame - described here :
    so nows a good time to test if you've got an inclination to.  The final release is due by the end of June.

    I've been running RC1 for a couple of days without any problem.  I had no prior exposure to Eclipse 3.0, but the upgrade went completely smoothly.  I haven't had much of chance to explore, but a couple of things I noticed immediately are a much more powerful CVS synchronization mechanism (schedules, background, etc) and the ability to background almost any long running task.  It also has a nice multi-file search and replace (replace was single file before).

    The GeneaPro prototype doesn't appear to like SWT 3.0 (at least with the 5 minutes of fiddling that I devoted to it), but since it's a standalone app, its versions don't need to match those of Eclipse.  Just point the project settings (Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries) and Run settings (Run...->Arguments->VM Arguments -Djava.library.path) at wherever you kept an old version of the components.

    • Tom Morris

      Tom Morris - 2004-06-30

      The final 3.0 release of Eclipse was made last Friday a few days ahead of schedule.  In the weeks that I've been running the various release candidates I haven't had a single problem.

      The problem mentioned in the last paragraph of my original note turned out to be a missing JAR in the classpath.  I've checked in an updated .classpath file which is set up for Eclipse 3.0, but if you're updating things by hand, the file is

    • eric hein

      eric hein - 2004-07-02

      With the CVS improvements, the update may be more apparent to me.  Since i inquire how to update in the developers forum. doh!

    • eric hein

      eric hein - 2004-07-02

      Please disregard my previous request for aid on synchronizing with CVS.  I have 3.0 up and running and got the latest bit of GeneaPro running as well.  I did a test synch and commit with CVS and all is well.  3.0 has a slick appearance and seems more intuitive in its use.  I am particularly found of the ability to collapse classes in the editor.  I am back in the game now.  I'll start particpating in these discussions and updating my knowledge of the code and gentech info.  Hooray us.

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-08-14

      Finally on track with Eclipse 3.0 myself - both on Linux under Fedora Core 2 and Win XP.  Still haven't figured out how to make a .classpath that work transparently for both, so I have checked in the Linux version - when someone grabs it for Windows, the two extra JARs for SWT: swt-pi and swt-mozilla can be deleted.

      • Tom Morris

        Tom Morris - 2004-08-18

        Glad to hear someone else is using Eclipse 3.0.

        Having files which must get modified in platform dependent ways will guarantee that the wrong version gets checked in when someone isn't paying attention and we'll end up with dueling versions.

        Possible solution might include:
        - use variables which are null on Windows and have a defined value on Linux.
        - maintaining separate versions for each O/S which get copied to .classpath by the developer
        - providing the developer with instructions on how to create the file by hand (and update it when we change the requirements)

        I haven't looked at this, so I don't know what the best solution is.

    • Ed Ridpath

      Ed Ridpath - 2004-08-20

      I agree, we need a solid way to manage this - and we may see other platform-specific impacts we may have to solve. For example, on Linux, the splash jpg image does not display, but the rest of the Splash screen does - it may be some platform issue.


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