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  • Nick Charsley

    Nick Charsley - 2004-10-05

    Am I the only one involved with the project who hasn't got an always on internet connection?

    The reason I ask this is that as it stands, the inclusion of the url for in the xml file (in causes a fatal error if I try to run the project when I'm off line.

    If I go on line (or remove the addDocType call) then it all goes well.

    This is not an insumountable problem, just a warning that we should try and ensure that we remember those poor unfortunates who live out side the realms of broadband (Jan 26th Broadband here I come :), and occasionaly try and run the code on the lowest spec we would expect, probably the laptop taken to the Archive office (we could event try for Handhelds ;)

    Nick (c)

    • Nick Charsley

      Nick Charsley - 2004-10-12

      Ok, this is plea for help.

      I have tried placing the dtd on my local file system and then running with _RootDao using this new location for the addDocType call and all that happens id that it gives the following error

      SEVERE: Error parsing XML: C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\MyGeneaPro30649.cfg.xml.tmp(2) Element "session-factory" requires additional elements.

      This error does not occur when pointing to the online dtd. This effectively stops hibernate from working, and so no data is observed.

      This is severely hampering my ability to do anything constructive with the code base (hence the initial rough stab at Import/Export Documentation uploaded this evening), as my family get a bit annoyed if i tie up the phone line all evening (on the plus side it does prevent the spam telephone calls ;)

      If someone who is more in tune with hibernate could have a look and see if we can cure this on-line addiction I would be very grateful.

      • Ed Ridpath

        Ed Ridpath - 2004-10-13


        It may not help, but here's what the hibernate docs say.  I have an always on connection, so I don't know if I'm hitting the net or not when I run it, but according to this, you don't need to be on the net.  I'll continue to research here.

        5.1.1. Doctype

        All XML mappings should declare the doctype shown. The actual DTD may be found at the URL above, in the directory hibernate-x.x.x/src/net/sf/hibernate or in hibernate.jar. Hibernate will always look for the DTD in its classpath first.


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