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generate-0.2.10 released

This is a very minor release due to me finding a typo in the code that handles 32bit emulated chroots. AMD64 users will now be able to properly generate 32bit chrooted systems.

Posted by Postmodern 2007-05-03

generate-0.2.9 released

Decided to make a minor release with some helpful bugfixes. Improved the Makefiles to not copy in .svn directories when installing the builtin repository data. Also added an uninstall target to the Makefiles.

Posted by Postmodern 2007-04-22

generate-0.2.8 released

Generate has achieved a whole new level of refinement and functionality with v0.2.8. This new release contains improved cryptsetup-luks support, lvm2 support, a plethora of functions to manage /etc/make.conf and /etc/portage/*, improved genkernel support and colored diagnostic messages. Read more about the new features in the ChangeLog. Enjoy!

Posted by Postmodern 2006-10-24

generate-0.2.7 released

A minor version bump for cleanups and lots of source code commenting.

Posted by Postmodern 2006-10-03

generate-0.2.6 released

Generate v0.2.6 has been released. No major changes since v0.2.5, more of an official first SourceForge release. Check the Release Notes and ChangeLog for the full details.

The Generate codebase has also been uploaded to the SourceForge SVN repository. Along side the source code is a small Gentoo (tm) Portage overlay to provide easy installation of generate on Gentoo systems. More on the Portage overlay after I clean it up and prepare documentation.... read more

Posted by Postmodern 2006-10-02

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