#94 MSV8 run fixes


There are several remaining issues which prevent MSV8 from actually running (something I didn't test).

- The debug build was linking against the release Python static library. This does not work and PyInitialize is not called resulting in the GUIScript module initialisation failing fatally.

- Python binary releases are compiled with VS7 and will be for the indefinite future. This is a problem because the reason this is done is because there are problems with embedding and extending between Python builds compiled with VS7 and other versions. I removed all the Python installation paths for libs and includes for all the different installation versions and now it expects a 'MSVC8/GemRB/python' source directory, which is expected to have been compiled separately with VS8 of course.


  • Richard

    Richard - 2007-03-17
  • Jaka Kranjc

    Jaka Kranjc - 2014-05-01

    Not sure why this was ignored, but it has surely been obsoleted for years, as people are able to compile with msvc10 too. Please reopen if the original issue is still there.

  • Jaka Kranjc

    Jaka Kranjc - 2014-05-01
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
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