gemrb V0.3.1 is out

A new GemRB release is out! Currently only the sources are available.

GemRB V0.3.1 (2008-09-25):
New features:
- mouse scroll support
- starting tob inventory
- character import in iwd and how
- spritecover for area animations
- proper XP bonus for thieving and learning spells

Improved features:
- gcc 4.3 compatibility
- PST bestiary
- bg2 and tob game modes have been merged
- bg2 and iwd2 character generation was simplified and improved
- stricter dualclassing prerequisites
- the cmake build system is available for other platforms too
- pathfinding
- starting time is now at day 0
- less memory leaks
- bugfixes

Posted by Jaka Kranjc 2008-09-25

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